Preparing Your Home for Severe Weather and Hurricanes

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a home in sunny south Florida or in the beautiful Midwest. Summer weather storms involve heavy rain, tornados and strong winds. These tips will help you prepare your home to weather the storm.

Inspect your home’s structure before the season starts

  • Inspect windows and doors, particularly garage doors, skylights, and sliding glass doors to ensure that they are impact rated or protected by storm shutters
    • It may be worth it to have doors and windows re-caulked
  • Hire an inspector to confirm that your roof is up to building codes in order to prevent leaks and interior water damage

Take precautionary action

  • Anchor or brace top-heavy items such as bookshelves
  • Cover and secure all liquid containers, especially those containing toxic or flammable chemicals
  • Ensure that you have access to backup power that can keep critical appliances (i.e. air conditioning, security systems, etc.) running
    • Have your generator maintenance and fill its fuel supply
  • Store wood or metal covers that can be used for windows and doors to prevent glass breakage
  • Prune landscaping that overhangs or is too close to your home
  • Clear drains on balconies and terraces

Prepare yourself before severe weather hits

  • Keep a list of emergency phone numbers available and secured
  • Identify your evacuation zone and have a plan for potential evacuation
  • Maintain an emergency kit, including first aid items, flashlights, rope, plastic sheeting, blankets, and hand tools
  • Have extra supplies on hand, including portable generators, radios, batteries, bottled water, and basic food supplies

Summer brings severe weather to nearly every area of the country, so it is best to be prepared in the even that a large storm, tornado, or hurricane becomes a threat to your home. Reach out to your M3 account executive to discuss your deductibles and what is covered under your policy.

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