RISK INSIGHT: Savings with M3 Mod Verification Process 2010-2015

Property & Casualty

Checking the Data Twice

At M3, We take the extra step when it comes to Workers’ Compensation data. This practice has resulted in significant savings for our clients.

For the six years from 2010-2015, we helped our clients save an average of 4 points on their Experience Modification Factor. We accomplish this by verifying the accuracy of the reported data and identifying any applicable rules for re-filing claims. This process ensures Mod points and premium credit due are validated on behalf of our clients.


Every dollar counts, so we perform regular comparisons, benchmarking your plan data to ensure you are receiving the most competitive pricing. It’s another way we give you the ‘freedom to move your business forward’.

For more information on M3’s Mod Verification process, please contact your M3 Account Executive.

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