RiskProNet Podcast features Ted Hayes on Active Shooter Training

Property & Casualty, Risk

In this podcast, RiskProNet teams up with M3’s Ted Hayes to discuss pragmatic strategies to change your mindset around shooter situations. RiskProNet incorporates regional agencies around the country to share insurance insights and knowledge. The episode focuses on understanding and adapting the mental action script, three things an active shooter seeks, and the ABCs of weapon control:

  • A for avoiding the weapon
  • B for blanketing the weapon with your body
  • C for controlling it to minimize it from injuring people

How can you prepare to manage risk as a business and as an individual? Tune in to learn more about active shooter training.

Listen Time: 30 Minutes

Ted Hayes has 29 years of experience serving as a safety and security consultant for school districts and municipalities and specializes in active shooter training for public and private schools.

Originally posted on riskpronet.com.

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