Selck Featured in In Business Article on Ransomware

Cyber, Property & Casualty

Emily Selck – alongside Kris Cears of Applied Tech and Mark Schafer of SVA Consulting – recently contributed to an article on Ransomware for the September 2021 issue of In Business magazine.

With Ransomware, Prevention Not A Guarantee But Still Worthwhile

“October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month but protecting your business from ransomware attacks by increasingly sophisticated criminals is a year-round, 24/7 responsibility.

At its core, ransomware is any type of malicious software that blocks user access to data and demands payment (usually in cryptocurrency) before releasing that data back to its owner. The most common ways ransomware infiltrates a business is via phishing emails or when an employee clicks on a weblink and unknowingly downloads malware. Without the proper layers of protection and the requisite employee education, companies can quickly find themselves at a standstill — unable to conduct business of any kind…”

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