A Turkey For Which Nobody Was Thankful

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Evansville Homeowner


Not expected – not even imaginable – but not covered?

When a wild turkey flew into—and through—this family’s large home office window, the unfortunate bird did way more than shatter a window. As it tried desperately to find an exit, it also left a disastrous path of claw marks, dirt, feathers, and feces in its wake.

The traditional homeowner’s policy excludes damages caused by birds, vermin, insects, and the like. So the homeowner was out of luck, right?


Simply put, West Bend Insurance, the homeowner’s carrier, stepped up and delivered.

While the policy language excluded damages caused by animals, the company stated it did not intend to exclude this type of animal-related loss. The exclusion related to loss where homeowner intervention would prevent extensive damage (i.e. destruction from birds & vermin after continuous exposure – such as chewing away at wood, nesting or repeatedly soiling in one area).

What happened with the turkey was a one-time event which created a significant amount of damage. That’s why West Bend opted to pay for the damages—damages that were technically outside of the policy language.

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