Using Your Retirement Plans to Integrate Your Benefits and Risk Management Strategies

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Your employer-sponsored retirement plan could be doing more. Though offering a retirement plan is an important part of your total compensation package, it is also an opportunity to increase the financial health of your employee population and leverage risk management strategies to help you achieve your overarching business goals.

M3 Financial believes your organization’s retirement programs should integrate with your overall employee benefits and risk control strategies.

Our team of retirement plan consultants includes industry insiders that can help you see through the hidden risks of plan management and hidden motives of those involved in traditional plan distribution.

We understand the impact that financial health has on your employees as well as on your organization’s bottom line. As a result, M3 Financial is closely aligned with M3 Insurance’s employee benefits and property & casualty teams, products, and services.

Here’s how we develop your comprehensive retirement plan strategy:

  • Use data to analyze the correlation between financial stress and population health
  • Develop strategies to help with employee health issues that can result from financial stress
  • Design programs that employees need and want, including budgeting assistance, debt management, and college savings
  • Integrate health savings accounts (HSAs) and other retirement savings vehicles
  • Develop incentive programs for financial wellness engagement and progress monitoring
  • Develop and document appropriate process and procedure for plan fiduciaries
  • Uncover hidden fees and risks associated with “fixed” accounts
  • Avoid individual rollovers and investment product to avoid conflicts

Your retirement plan could be doing more to better your employees’ health and wellbeing and impact your employee benefit costs in the long run.

Reach out to your M3 account executive to learn more about how your employer-sponsored retirement plan can be integrated into your employee benefit strategy.

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