Voluntary Benefits Voice Magazine Featuring Katie Ott: Hospital Indemnity

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Katie Ott, M3’s director of voluntary benefits, shares her professional insights during an interview with Voluntary Benefits Voice Magazine as part of the ‘Voices of Voluntary Benefits’ series. The conversation covered the impact of voluntary benefits on both employers and employees, highlighting the personal nature of this industry. Whether facing our own health challenges, those of loved ones, or coping with the loss of a family member, many of us have experienced the powerful impact voluntary benefits can have during a crisis.

Specifically, Ott addresses her shift in approaching Hospital Indemnity Insurance…

Not exactly original to say I was forever changed by COVID, right? But in those early days, as we watched healthcare facilities brimming with patients, I couldn’t help thinking about the families who were now faced with unexpected – maybe even unprecedented – medical expenses. I had been in our business for 18 years at that point and if I’m being honest, I had probably been a bit dismissive of Hospital Indemnity was a can I continually kicked down the road. Something to look at in Year 2 or Year 3 of an enrollment strategy. I carried a bit of guilt about my mindset for quite a while. And so, as it did with so many other aspects of life, COVID forced me to think differently. Today when I’m presenting a client with a voluntary benefits strategy, you can usually expect to see a Hospital Indemnity solution in the mix…

— Katie Ott
Director of Voluntary Benefits | M3 Insurance

Voluntary benefits can enhance your total benefits package and demonstrate your investment in the wellbeing of your team – without driving up costs.

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