What a Review Can Reveal: This School District’s Health Plans Had to Go

Education, Employee Benefits



Lake Geneva School District


Warren Flitcroft, Director of Business Services at Lake Geneva Area Schools, wanted to revisit the quality of their health insurance plans. When he sat down with the M3 Account Executive to review them, the revelations weren’t good. “We found that in some cases we didn’t have very good plans and were, essentially, being ripped off,” says Flitcroft.


With better plans has come reduced costs – and more satisfied staff.

Having your plans reviewed is always a good move. In this case, the good move turned into great results. M3 found different vision plan carriers that nearly doubled the benefit to employees – and were an astounding 50% less in cost. That meant goodbye to the old vision plan. Next up was the existing dental plan, which met a similar fate thanks to better alternatives found. M3 also simplified the multiple plans of the schools into a single one for all staff – both teachers and support. That now means much easier plan administration. According to Flitcroft, because of M3’s help, “we’ve kept costs down and are providing better services – that makes people happy and helps us attract new talent.”

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