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Education, Property & Casualty



Rhinelander School District


“You get what you pay for,” says Marta Kwiatkowski, Business Director of the Rhinelander District. When the District moved their Property and Casualty coverage away from M3 Insurance, primarily with price in mind, it didn’t take long to feel the high cost of a lower price.

“From day one, I noticed a different level of service. I had zero contact with the agent, no one was in charge, and not one of the multiple people assigned to me would get back to me. They’d change claim numbers so we couldn’t easily follow up, and then they didn’t stand behind their product – they wouldn’t pay the claims.”


Returning to an accessible insurance advisor that follows through and educates has meant once again being prepared – and protected.

Just four months later, the District returned to M3 with full school board approval and a much clearer sense of what it means to partner with an insurance advisor.

“M3 is up front with us and tells us what risks we’re facing. With tight budgets, we don’t always want to hear these things, but we do need to understand risk. And because they know our district so well, they present us with options that are best for us,” says Kwiatkowski. “I know my M3 team always has my best interests in mind. They help us minimize exposure by pressing us to continually improve as a district. They walk us through our coverage so we know what it means and the impact it has. I know exactly what I have and don’t have when buying insurance because of them,” she says.

“[M3 also] keeps us posted on all the different issues that affect compliance. We don’t have time to keep up with all the new and changing requirements, so they do it for us. They don’t just tell us what the new law is, but what we need to change to be compliant.”

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