Foster Construction Talent and Save: Wisconsin Apprenticeship Program

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Recruiting and developing talent is an ongoing challenge for the construction industry. We’ve spoken about the benefits of developing construction professionals over the course of their careers for years (including greater employee retention, succession planning for your organization, etc.), but did you know you could get a credit for doing so?

Wisconsin Apprenticeship Credit Program

Wisconsin employers are eligible to earn a premium credit up to $2,500 for participating in the Wisconsin Apprenticeship Credit Program, a work-based learning program through the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (WBAS).

Many construction organizations have (or are considering) an apprenticeship program as a part of their talent development strategy – does this credit program apply to you?

The WBAS defines apprentice as “any person who enters into an apprentice contract with the department and with a sponsor or with an apprenticeship committee acting as the agent of a sponsor”.

In addition, they define apprenticeship program as “a program approved by the department providing for the employment and training of apprentices in a trade, craft, or business that includes a plan containing all of the terms and conditions for the qualification, recruitment, selection, employment, and training of apprentices as required under this subchapter, including the apprentice contract requirements under Wis Stats 16.01.”

If these definitions encompass your apprenticeship program, you could qualify to receive the work-based learning program premium credit on your workers’ compensation policy within the state of Wisconsin.

How to get Credit

According to the WCRB, these are the steps employers must take to receive a credit:

  • Notify the carrier of their eligibility and request application of the credit
  • Provide their carrier with a copy of the fully executed apprentice contract for each work-based learning program student
  • Meet all provisions required in the apprentice contract and apprenticeship program
  • Provide documentation of participation in the program for at least 6 months per policy year

Key Takeaways

Apprenticeship is a common strategy for construction employers looking to make an impact with their talent attraction and retention strategies. Employers who take part in the program through the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (WBAS) may be eligible to receive a credit up to $2,500.

Reach out to your M3 team to discuss if you are eligible for a credit based on your apprenticeship program, or to discuss other opportunities for developing your employees to support your talent attraction and retention efforts, as well as other opportunities for cost savings.

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