How Much Better Could Your Medical Plan Be?

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Zimbrick, Inc.


Zimbrick, Inc. comprises a family of 16 automotive retail centers. Back in 2009 Zimbrick identified the need to make major changes to its overall medical plan, which at the time lacked a cohesive direction and took what was essentially a one-size-fits-all approach to health insurance.

To make lasting, meaningful changes and create a more sensible, consumer-driven medical plan, Zimbrick turned to the employee benefits specialists at M3.


M3 began by meeting with employee focus groups to gain valuable feedback, in addition to meeting with Zimbrick management for crucial insight on what they wanted to achieve from a completely revamped medical plan. Those initial efforts have resulted in positive changes like the following:

  • A carefully crafted benefits philosophy that guides the overall structure of the company’s medical plan
  • A plan that now provides multiple alternatives for employees, including a “Bronze” level option, which allows a more affordable choice for younger employees who previously had gone without coverage
  • A heath savings account (HSA) offering, which Zimbrick contributes to and so can employees through a payroll deduction option

More recently, to augment the advantages of a consumer-driven model, M3 has provided guidance on using third-party support for price transparency. This allows employees to get information on cost and quality from a reputable healthcare advocacy company before having a planned medical service. Additionally, when employees opt for a lower cost provider than originally planned, Zimbrick enables them to earn a percentage of the savings.

Today, Zimbrick provides a much-improved medical plan that the company is proud to offer. More than that, for its 2016 and 2017 renewals, Zimbrick has enjoyed a 0% rate increase!

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