39 of 50: United Way of Dane County

United Way of Dane County focuses on three areas to help improve the lives of Dane County residents: education, income, and health. Calling these “the building blocks of a stable life,” the United Way takes a strategic approach to allocating funds in a way that produces measurable results. It also works hard to engage the community to understand the most pressing issues out there.

The effectiveness of the organization can be seen in how it successfully collaborates with a variety of voices – from private donors and public agencies to community volunteers and area businesses. Ultimately, the United Way plays a pivotal role in helping a wide range of local nonprofits carry out their respective missions.The United Way of Dane County is also an exceptionally run charity. The organization received 4 stars in 2018 from Charity Navigator, a nationally renowned group dedicated to providing objective data to rate the transparency and financial health of thousands of charities in the U.S. That rating puts the United Way of Dane County in the top 3% of charities in the country for the eighth year in a row.

Our largest and longest-running philanthropic partnership in Dane County

It’s really no great mystery why M3 has been a long-time supporter of the United Way of Dane County. As M3 president and CEO Mike Victorson explains, “The reason we continue to partner with this organization is due to the unique partnerships they create. They do an extraordinary job at connecting businesses, volunteers, civic groups, nonprofits, educational institutions, and the people who need help the most in our community. There simply is no other organization that brings all these pieces together in such an effective way.”

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M3 leaders have mentored, inspired, and energized me throughout my United Way career. For example, I have collaborated with Mike Victorson as he chaired our campaign and board. I have seen how he champions younger professionals in the community and gets them excited about the valuable work the United Way does for our community. The success we’ve had in our daily work and in our strategic planning has a lot to do with M3’s involvement.

— Renee Moe
President & CEO | United Way of Dane County

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