4 of 50: Jubilee House of Wausau

Jubilee House of Wausau

The gift of a good meal goes a long way. The Jubilee House is a charitable organization that focuses on feeding people in need in the Wausau area. Operating year-round from the cafeteria of St. Matthews’s Catholic School in Wausau, the Jubilee House provides hospitality and a delicious, healthy dinner to more than 100 people every Thursday night. People in the area have come to rely on Thursday as a special day in which they can enjoy a warm dinner at no cost within a friendly, supportive environment.

Giving Back to the Community: Getting Employees and Their Families Involved

Jeff Steckbauer experienced the importance of the Jubilee House when his daughter volunteered there as part of her confirmation program. When Jeff came to M3 years later, he suggested that volunteering at the Jubilee House would be a great way for M3 to give back to the community.

M3 applauds the Jubilee House’s efforts and since 2014 has been donating food for numerous meals. Just as important, M3 employees and their families have prepared and served meals, cleaned up afterward, and experienced firsthand that to give is to also receive.

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