S2-Ep 11: ACA – Temporary Employees

Compliance, Employee Benefits

By policy, our limited term employees can only work 1,200 hours in a calendar year, which is less than the 30 hours per week (1,560 hours). If an LTE, meaning ‘Limited Term Employee’, begins work in the second half of the calendar year and then continues to work in the first half of the next year, are we required to offer insurance since they have worked more than 30 hours per week during the look back period? Please expand on seasonal versus temporary employment.

In this episode of Comply on the Fly, Karen B. answers a client question around properly classifying employees for ACA reporting purposes.

Listen Time: 4 min 22 sec

Please Note: This podcast and the contents herein do not constitute legal advice. Seek the advice of counsel for any benefit compliance related implementation guidance or strategy.

Season 2 of Comply on the Fly focuses on actual client questions, so send your compliance question to AskKarenB@m3ins.com and we’ll do our best to cover it in an upcoming episode!

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