Wellness and Mental Health Resources for Employees and the Community

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Education has been uniquely affected by COVID-19, and much of the guidance that has come out for organizations dealing with the pandemic isn’t tailored to the situation that schools are experiencing.

Through a four-part webinar series, M3’s Education & Government practice group will highlight four key areas for consideration specific to schools as you wrap up your school year and prepare for the future:

  • Health Care and Risk Management Best Practices (watch recording)
  • Wellness for Students, Staff, and the Community
  • Compliance: FFCRA, Unemployment, Retirement Plans, and more
  • COVID-19 Implications for Your Insurance

In the recording linked below, Tyler Stuntebeck, M3’s Wellness Advisor, breaks down tips and tricks for encouraging educators and school staff to cultivate each aspect of wellness – from mental and physical wellness to emotional and financial wellbeing.

Tune into the recording below to gain insight into:

  • Wellness resources for staff and students in a work from home environment
  • Mental health resources available to employees and the public

Recording Length: 43 Minutes


Supplemental Materials:

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