America’s Dairyland To the World – Covering International Exposures

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Driving on any U.S. highway, interstate or country road, the Wisconsin license plate is easy to spot:  white background, red barn, and the words “America’s Dairyland” running along the bottom. Wisconsin is known for dairy – even our license plates say so. But Wisconsin’s dairy influence extends far beyond the USA.

Around the world, Wisconsin is known as the epicenter for dairy production, processing, equipment, genetics and technology. As the world’s population grows and more consumers enter into the middle-class, the desire for dairy increases as well. These consumers are turning to Wiconsin to meet their hunger for dairy products.

From farmers to cheesemakers to dairy equipment manufacturers, Wisconsin’s dairy industry is benefiting from the ever increasing international demand for its products. In 2018, Wisconsin dairy processors exported over $280* million worth of dairy products. Over $5 million worth of cheese, whey and other dairy products from Wisconsin enter the international market every week!

International sales and shipments can be very complex. Language barriers, time zone differences and complex international rules and regulations can confuse even the most experienced business person.

Asking the Right Questions

By asking some basic questions and seeking advice from an experienced international insurance broker, an exporter can identify and plan for the risks that they may encounter when selling and shipping their products internationally.

Below are questions you can ask your broker in order to know how to properly protect your people (when traveling abroad), your products (when shipping it to overseas markets), or your plant (if you decide to establish a physical location in an international market).


  • What types of insurance coverages are available for travel to foreign locations?
  • When renting a vehicle abroad, should I purchase the physical damage waiver or not?
  • What do I need to know/consider regarding foreign workers’ compensation insurance?


  • Do I need ocean cargo/transit coverage for products moving from one location to another?
  • What type of transit policy is best for my company’s products and international shipping methods?
  • What should I do if my products are destroyed or rejected before they reach the destination?


  • What things do I need to consider to set up an office, warehouse or manufacturing plant in a different country?
  • Are there insurance policies that extend to foreign countries if we decide to expand abroad?
  • If the foreign country we are expanding into requires locally admitted insurance policies, who can help me determine what coverages are needed and how to secure them?



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