S2-Ep 2: Real Growth and Protection Stories About Businesses We’ve Worked With – (w/ the M3 Elevate Team)

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by M3 Elevate team members James VanBuskirk, Starie Thompson, Jennifer Vanderlip, and Virginia Van Haren. The team shares their insights and experiences on a variety of topics from business insurance, employee benefits, personal lines, and Medicare.

The team provides real stories from real businesses employing effective offensive and defensive tactics, and discuss the strategies your business should implement in 2023 to optimize growth and protection.


  • Setting up the defense you actually need–not what you thought you needed
  • 00:00 A special giveaway (past, no longer applicable)
  • 01:52 M3 Elevate Team introductions
  • 03:20 Business growth through offensive strategies
    • 03:44 The importance of disability insurance
    • 04:48 Signs your current insurance broker isn’t working for you
    • 06:43 How to address Medicare questions
    • 07:41 Forward-thinking coverage for your business
  • 09:25 Business protection through defensive strategies
    • 09:40 The importance of benefits in regard to retention
    • 11:11 The defense you think you need versus the one you actually need
    • 12:59 Where to send employees that are retiring
    • 14:08 Creating the right insurance plan for your business
  • 16:30 The best insurance advice for your business in 2023
    • 16:58 Using employee benefits to set your business apart 
    • 17:22 Doing your research so you know what’s out there and what exactly you need
    • 18:11 2023 70 million 65+ Medicare
    • 18:55 The importance of cyber coverage
  • 20:00 The Fastest Break

Listen Time: 25 min 59 sec

What we’ll typically do for playing defense is incorporate that offense as well. We’ll talk through your company… the setup, what your ownership structure looks like… what does your typical year – or month or day or week – look like, and then build a program… to address everything, it’s going to address all of the risks, not just what you currently have or not just what your contracts say.

— James VanBuskirk
Account Executive & M3 Elevate Business Insurance Lead

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The Fast Break podcast is hosted by Matt Cranney, Executive Vice President of M3 Elevate.


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