S3-Ep 2: Get the Right Coaches in Your Corner as You Grow Your Business

Small Business

As you navigate the ups and downs of running a small business, hitting those moments where things seem to stand still is totally normal. That’s where having the right coaches becomes a game-changer for your success. These coaches can give you fresh perspectives, help you dodge common pitfalls, and make the journey to business growth a whole lot smoother.

On this episode of Fast Break, Matt is joined by Brent & Kate Halfwassen, owners of Halfwassen & Associates, LLC and MKEbusinesscoach.com to discuss the importance of having coaches in your corner to help you navigate the path of growing your business.

Seeing the whole picture is difficult. You’re in the trenches. You’re doing the thing. You’re working hard… we can see the whole field a little bit better for [you]. And… highlight aspects that maybe [you’ve} downplayed… We are not just teaching the how to’s and the tactical pieces, we are helping to deconstruct some things that are going on in the head that are wrong… So then [you] can see clearly and really understand [your] worth and value

— Brent Halfwassen
Owner | Halfwassen & Associates, LLC

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The Fast Break podcast is hosted by Matt Cranney, Executive Vice President of M3 Elevate.


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