S1-Ep 7: Developing and Retaining Quality Talent (w/ Julie Unite of Ascend Talent Strategies)

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Now more than ever, it’s critical to find and retain quality talent. But it’s more than that; you must also sustain demands, be efficient, engage, and meet goals. But as many of us know, this is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve invited Business Psychologist and Co-founder of Ascend Talent Strategies, Julie Unite to this episode of Fast Break to discuss finding and retaining talent.

Ascend Talent Strategies is an organization that helps businesses “harness the power of people,” And in this episode, Julie shares just how to do that. Julie and Matt dive into what it means to find quality talent, including the changes to finding and retaining talent post-covid, the importance of culture, and ultimately how to find a good culture fit for your company.

Listen Time: 27 min 22 sec

Move away from having a transactional relationship with your talent… You really need to tap into ‘what are the needs of the individual?’ and then ‘what are the needs of the company?’ and ‘how can you find the happy medium there?’

— Julie Unite
Business Psychologist & Co-founder | Ascend Talent Strategies

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The Fast Break podcast is hosted by Matt Cranney, Executive Vice President of M3 Elevate.


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