S2-Ep 4: Banking Crisis & Recession – Protecting Your Business in an Uncertain Economy (w/ Corey Chambas of First Business Bank)

Small Business

We’re living in uncertain economic times, but where are we headed, and how can small businesses protect themselves? The media doesn’t always provide accurate information or sound counsel. That’s why we’ve invited Corey Chambas, President & CEO at First Business Financial Services, Inc., to give us the facts.

Corey breaks down everything from what’s happening with the banking crisis, why it’s happened, if we should be worried about our own banks, and what to do moving forward to ensure we’re safe and secure. Corey provides practical advice on how to be consistent, calm, and ready amidst the economic crisis.

Listen Time: 18 min 36 sec

This recession has been forecasted for a long time, everyone’s seen it coming… but that doesn’t mean things have to get worse for a given business. It depends on how you react to the situation. Did you prepare and plan? And can you play offense when others are playing defense?

— Corey Chambas
President & CEO | First Business Financial Services, Inc.

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