S2-Ep 5: Your Old IT Equipment – A Hidden Security Threat (w/ Neil Peters-Michaud of Cascade Asset Management)

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This episode of Fastbreak features Neil Peters-Michaud, Founder and CEO of Cascade Asset Management, discussing an aspect of business that has been far too long neglected: the retirement of old IT equipment. Neil explains the importance of properly retiring your old equipment to ensure your business is remaining secure and sustainable.

Not only will you gain practical knowledge on retiring old IT equipment to ensure your business is safe from a data breach, but you will also learn why you should reevaluate your values regularly, the importance of continuous education, and why outsourcing is sometimes necessary.

Listen Time: 17 min 58 sec

I think the thing we’re doing successfully at Cascade is being true to what we know how to do, understanding when we need to go out and bring more talent to help us.

— Neil Peter-Michaud
Founder & CEO | Cascade Asset Management

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