Exploring the Hard Market in Personal Lines Insurance

Personal Lines

In recent years, the insurance industry has been undergoing a significant shift known as market hardening, which has especially impacted the personal lines sector. A hard market refers to a period when insurance premiums rise, and underwriting standards become narrower due to a variety of environmental, social, and economic considerations. This shift affects both insurance providers and policy holders. In this article, we dive into the concept of market hardening, underlying causes, and how you can navigate the changes in the market.

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Reasons for Market Hardening

The rise in premium rates can be attributed to the challenging operational environment. In 2022, a significant amount of insurers reported elevated combined ratios, highlighting a decrease in profit margins. Increases in auto related thefts, inattentive driving, and rampant claims fraud throughout the country are adding to the rise in premiums. The vulnerability to extreme weather, inflation, and labor costs have led to major underwriting losses – and as a result, are pushing insurers to impose rate hikes to outpace increases throughout the country.

Post-pandemic, insurance companies are also facing a rise in both the number of claims and the seriousness of accidents, leading to higher payouts.

What can you expect?

The latest quarterly data from CIAB showed premium increases remaining stable in Q2 2023 with an average increase of 8.9% across all accounts, up slightly from the previous quarter. Insurers are actively seeking reasons to implement rate hikes, reduce their underwriting capacity, and exhibit caution when it comes to personal lines property insurance as a proportion of their overall client base – particularly for more challenging accounts.

Several scenarios pose more challenging terms, including:

  • Insufficiently safeguarded properties: inadequate fire protection measures, housekeeping practices, or unfavorable storage arrangements
  • Properties categorized under higher protection classes: requiring a longer response time from fire departments
  • Properties and home values surpassing the value limits set by their respective insurers
  • Locations of properties situated in geographically susceptible areas prone to natural disasters

In areas where these challenges persist within the current market, there is a trend of substantial premium hikes at the time of policy renewals. These properties may experience premium increases of 100%, 200%, or even 300%. This surge is attributed to retail carriers diving deep into reinsurer’s pockets or collaborating with other retailers to establish layered coverage programs to safeguard themselves against significant loss.

In a hard market, insurers become more cautious about the risks they are willing to take on. This leads to stricter underwriting standards and a greater emphasis on risk assessment. Policyholders who may have qualified for coverage during a soft market might now face rejection or higher premiums during a hard market.

Navigating the Changes

With the hard market likely to persist, it’s important to not only understand the reasons behind the phenomenon, but also proactively explore cost-saving strategies. M3 Elevate is a team of experts who can help you navigate the current climate and leverage cost-saving strategies. Below are strategies your M3 Elevate team may consider:

  • Review current coverage needs to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Bundle multiple coverage types, such as auto and homeowners’ insurance, may lead to discounts
  • Increase deductibles to lower premiums, but individuals should be prepared to cover a larger portion of costs in the event of a claim
  • Maintain a good record of safe driving and responsible ownership which can lead to discounts and lower rates over time

Key Takeaways:

In the personal lines insurance sector, ongoing challenges like climate related events, technology shifts, and regulations are driving the hard market. Factors such as extreme weather, inflation, claims rising, auto theft, and rampant claims fraud contribute to this trend. The surge in premiums is a reflection of insurers’ efforts to manage their financial stability while grappling with escalating risk. By understanding the forces behind these market dynamics, consumers can make informed decisions.

As your insurance partner, we’ll provide insights on the market and explore cost-saving strategies while navigating the evolving landscape of personal lines insurance. To discuss further, please reach out to your M3 Elevate account executive.

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