Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Halted

Compliance, COVID-19

On December 7, 2021 an injunction was issued by a federal judge in the Southern District of Georgia, effectively halting the implementation and enforcement of the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors. This injunction is effective nationwide, unlike the limited injunction issued recently that applied only to Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

The original federal contractor vaccine mandate was put into place by an Executive Order issued in September and was scheduled to be fully implemented in January of 2022. In addition to this injunction, the OSHA ETS vaccine mandate for 100+ private employers and the CMS vaccine mandate applicable to facilities that receive Medicare funding are also on hold.

Key Takeaway

This injunction effectively pauses another vaccination mandate issued by the federal government. These pauses are likely to be challenged, making this an ongoing legal process. Employers who are subject to any of these mandates would be well-served to prepare and monitor these cases; and be ready to implement in the event these orders are legally restored. We will continue to monitor and update you when appropriate.

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