Financial Fitness: What’s Your Number? The Scoop On Your Credit Score

Financial Services

Strengthen your financial position by understanding how to leverage your workplace benefits. M3 Financial’s webinar series provides you with guidance from a variety of experts within the industry.

In this webinar recording, we discuss a topic that many people pay no attention to even though it has a tremendous impact on financial health: your credit score. Many people don’t know about the credit scoring system – much less their credit score – until they try to get a credit card, buy a home, car or any major purchase. This webinar recording reviews what you need to know about your credit score, how to find it, how to improve it, and more.

  • The presentation builds financial literacy by helping you understand your credit score.
  • We discuss what goes into your credit score and why it is important.
  • We offer tips to increase your credit score and show ways you can hurt your score as well.

Length: 19 minutes

Guest Presenter:

Jordan Riggs
Defined Contribution Senior Specialist

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