Freedom To Move Forward In The New Year

Moving Forward into 2016. . .

Our brand is built around the idea that we give people “Freedom to Move Forward.”  Quite simply, this means we walk with and give our best for clients, M3ers, the insurance companies we represent and the communities we help to build. They can depend on us to be there for them, to provide the right guidance at the right time and even to have their back if necessary. We understand the responsibility of partnership, and we follow through so they can concentrate on growing their business, career, or organization.

As 2016 hits the calendar and I look ahead to what this year has in store for me and my family, I realize this core philosophy has application in my personal life.

This is the year Annika (our first child) will graduate from high school and go on to college.

Whoa. That statement keeps things real. Even with the various college tours over the past year, it never fully sunk in until applications were completed and sent. Most likely because the visits were amid the chaos of life and every day with her was a version of the day before— with her at home, with us. But soon (this year!) she will choose her school and she will leave and tomorrow will not be a version of today.

This milestone year will shift what it looks and feels like to be her dad. We will learn to let go, to trust in the foundation we’ve built with our daughter and support her to take it wherever she takes it.

2016 will be a year of focus and final equipping so Annika knows, without a doubt, that she can depend on us to be there for her— to listen, to guide, to encourage and to remind her to enjoy life as it happens in so many new, exciting directions. I want Anni to experience freedom in moving forward…

What does 2016 have in store for you?

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