Could a group captive be the right alternative for your business?

Captives, Property & Casualty

Maybe yes, maybe no; but if reducing, controlling, and profiting from business insurance costs are intriguing possibilities, it’s probably worth taking a closer look. Consider this: If you’re paying in excess of $150,000 in combined insurance premiums for your General Liability, Auto, and Workers’ Compensation coverages, a group captive may be the answer. Group captives allow you to form your own insurance company with like-minded businesses, giving you the opportunity to learn from peers, spend only the money you use, and control your own risk.

Several factors come into play when determining if a captive is a good fit for your business, including:

  • Financial security
  • Commitment to loss control & safety
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Desire for control

Imagine being able to get your unused insurance premium dollars back at the end of the year. A captive gives you the opportunity to decide how to utilize that money and further control the cost of your risk. With a captive, you have more freedom to move your business forward.

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