Your Guide to Hiring Minors

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Labor shortage is an employer issue that spans across industries. Many have avoided hiring minors in the past due to strict regulations that placed limitations on the tasks they are legally able to perform. These same employers are now turning to a minor workforce to fill the staffing gaps they are experiencing.

Lack of qualified workers is especially critical for senior living and social service facilities. If your facility employs minors, make sure you – and your staff – are aware of the added legal obligations and are prepared to remain compliant.

Guide to Hiring Minors for Senior Living & Social Service Facilities

SLSS_HiringMinors_insideimageM3’s Guide to Hiring Minors provides a high-level guide of federal and state regulations that specifically pertain to minors who are employed by senior living and social service facilities. It is not all-inclusive of the general employment guidelines all minor employees and their employers must follow, but it provides a good baseline for educating yourself and beginning the conversation with your staff.

The guide featured here pertains specifically to regulations impacting Wisconsin-based senior living and social services operations.  To start a discussion about laws surrounding minor employees in your state – or about the areas of this legislation that specifically affect your industry –  contact your M3 Account Executive.

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