Individual Health & Medicare: Crossing Employment Gaps

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Don’t let your coverage fall in the gap between jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statics reports that, on average, people born between 1957 and 1964 held 11.7 jobs and experienced 5.6 employment gaps between the ages of 18 and 48. These statistics reflect a growing trend in the employment market – the days of holding one job throughout your lifetime are long gone. And for those born after 1964 the numbers may trend even higher, with job-hoppers and freelance workers becoming more and more prevalent in the employment market.  However, since health insurance is still, in large part, run through employer-sponsored programs, the statics also forecast inevitable gaps in benefit coverage throughout an individual’s lifetime. Since you never know when a health emergency will hit, allowing gaps in coverage is taking a gamble with your future financial well-being.

With employer-based coverage, workers are often handed their insurance option with their employment paperwork. The employer has decided on the plan(s) ahead of time and, for better or worse, the worker does not get many options to choose from. People who are between jobs find themselves in the individual marketplace with a surplus of available options. It can be very confusing and often they are not sure where to go to find help.

M3 can help.

We can explain how the individual exchanges work and help you navigate the federal marketplace and private exchanges. We can help make sure you clearly understand the coverage you are selecting, how the plan works, and how much the plan will cost out-of-pocket each year. M3 understands this also is a very uncertain time in a person’s life financially and we’re here to help.

The gap between jobs is treacherous enough, don’t cross it without a safety net. Call Virginia Van Haren today.

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