New, Now: Insurance Technology for Tribal Nations

Property & Casualty, Tribal Nations

Tribal nations’ business enterprises continue to evolve and become more complex, and so does your insurance. Increased market growth and regulation weave a tangled web of paperwork and complex jargon in order to keep your community and its interests protected, creating a situation that is nearly impossible for a small team to keep up with.

Yet, the success of your tribe’s enterprises isn’t slowing down. You need an insurance advisor, and a tech stack, that can keep up with your progress.


Years back, M3 began making intentional investments in technology (including investing in BrokerTech Ventures, the only broker-led insurtech incubator) to make our clients’ experiences with insurance easier, more accurate, more secure, and more efficient.

The technology solutions that we have been able to bring to the table for our clients have done each of these things, and have additionally provided us with insights based on the data each tool collects that have helped us impact our clients’ insurance costs and outcomes.

We’re bullish on technology here at M3, and I believe these tools have outsized potential for tribal nations in particular.


It’s important to note that technology for technology’s sake doesn’t have great results. However, there are key aspects of traditional insurance processes that can be simplified using the right tools:

From manual to digital: online insurance applications

The property and casualty insurance space is known for its piles of paperwork, but what if that manual process could be essentially taken off of your team’s plate?

M3 works with technology solutions that can take one filled insurance application and duplicate consistent answers across forms, removing hours of manual administrative tasks from your team. When your business enterprises are growing at a fast rate, this solution could amount to thousands of dollars in time and resources saved for your tribal nation.

From emails to secured hub: client portal

M3 has created a clients-only portal called MyM3 that houses your insurance information in a secure location, where only your tribal organization and your M3 team have access to it. You can set different levels of access for different team members, and access proprietary risk management content in our Resource Center. MyM3 gives you access to all of M3’s tools and resources through a single sign-on, and is backed by top-level security so you know your information is safe.

From spreadsheets to dashboard: digital certificate management

The construction and manufacturing aspects of your business enterprises will really appreciate this one. Organizations like yours deal with hundreds of certificates of insurance from their vendors or subcontractors, and many still manage these certificates through manual means and even spreadsheets. M3 works with our clients to provide a digital management experience, even providing a technology account manager to assist with implementation and review. Even better, this technology solution can run reports so you can see your level of compliance at a glance.

From handbooks to interactive video: engaging education

Employee training is an integral part of your risk management procedures, but everyone learns differently. While paper handbooks can work for some, an in-person training or an interactive video platform could make learning easier for others.

Our preferred platform allows our clients to share risk management information with their employees in multiple languages, uses company-branded slides, and include quiz questions in order to track completion.

Key Takeaways

M3 has made a concerted effort to partner with technology solutions that can help our clients manage their complex organizations and associated insurance coverages easily, efficiently, and securely. Tribes and tribal business enterprises can take advantage of these tools in order to lighten the workload of their internal teams and support their business entities and communities as they continue to grow.

Reach out to Ryan Pulvermacher for more information on how M3 can help your tribe use technology to streamline your systems and pave the way for future growth.

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