S3-Ep 1: Locals Investing in Locals – Finding Genius in Your Own Community

Small Business

It’s clear gener8tor – a nationally ranked venture capital firm and accelerator that brings together startup founders, investors, corporations, job seekers, universities, musicians, and artists – is on the move and deeply connected to the world of small and growing businesses. They envision communities achieving measurable and transformational growth through programming that enables equitable access and opportunity. 

On this episode of Fast Break, Matt is joined by Joe Kirgues, co-founder and managing director of gener8tor. They discuss ways the community can catalyze investments in local talent, the importance of mutual support among business owners, and strategic investment approaches for new and growing businesses to ensure future growth.  

Listen Time: 28 Minutes 39 Seconds

We have this belief that opportunity is everywhere. It’s born proportionately equally in every community and yet the opportunity to connect with capital with investment, with customers, isn’t distributed everywhere. So how can we use our platform to bridge that gap? Across race, place and gender, we’ve tried to be as diverse as the communities we serve.

— Joe Kirgues
Co-Founder & Managing Director | gener8tor

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The Fast Break podcast is hosted by Matt Cranney, Executive Vice President of M3 Elevate.


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