Lovin’ Insurance: Making the Complex Simple

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There is this stigma attached to insurance. That it is somehow secretive or shady. People have to have insurance, just like they have to pay taxes… and it drives anyone crazy to pay for something intangible.  I get that. But, like taxes, there is a positive, tangible side of insurance. It helps people and businesses bounce back from disaster and get back to good – quickly. There is freedom in the security insurance offers. A cushion, a safety net that makes falling less scary and, in turn, flying more accessible.

But it can be so confusing… I get that too:  What are these hoops I have to jump through in order to finance my business project? Why is this covered but not that? How do I explain to my employees and family that they have to switch doctors again? Why can’t these policies just be written so I can understand them easily?

Insurance is the result of a complex combination of finance and the legal system. Lawyers, judges, and verdicts determine a lot of the groundwork and the direction of this industry. As a broker, we get to get in on that and help make it make sense. I dig that part of it.

Yet another reason I love insurance.

It’s gratifying to help make the complex simple.  So although insurance is one of those compulsory and obligatory things, it is not inherently bad. And in my work I have the opportunity to make it better, understandable, dare I say, even fun. Stimulating stuff.

The work M3 does – handling the ways and means, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the i’s and t’s of insurance – allows our clients the freedom to move forward… it’s why we’re here.

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