Lovin’ Insurance: The Connection

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This may come as a surprise to some, but insurance is a very social and connected industry. It is a business built on relationships and, as with any relationship, it takes the right amount of smarts, trust, and familiarity. There are not very many industries that get to know each of their client’s industries so intimately.

One more reason I love insurance. Something we live: integrity, accountability, excellence, fun.

Our clients deserve more than an order taker, they deserve an advisor who knows them well enough to look out for their best interests. M3 has built our business around knowing our clients’ business. M3’s specialized professionals understand the unique issues facing each industry, closely follow the trends, and stay a step ahead of legislation that may affect business. Getting into it that deeply is the only way we can know what our clients need. It’s the only way we can engage the right resources and help tailor the best coverage and contracts to manage clients’ risks. And this work? It’s cool. It’s engaging. It’s meaningful.

Our deep, meaningful work with clients extends to community involvement. When you care about a person, about a relationship you’ve built, it extends to caring about what they care about. Relationships propagate relationships and passions converge. The opportunities, both on a corporate and individual level, that present themselves in this area blow me away. We get to connect to the community, shift our focus, and help build something bigger than ourselves. Not many jobs take you there. This one does. How great is that?

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