S1-Ep 4: Market Your Business to Stand Out in a World Where Many Stand By (w/ Richie Burke of GGMM)

Small Business

Richie Burke, Founder and CEO of GoGeddit Marketing and Media (GGMM), joins us to discuss marketing strategies that will help set your business apart from the competition. Throughout the episode, Richie shares valuable insight on standing out in “this seas of sameness” and his number one offensive and defensive recommendations.

When it comes to offensive marketing, it’s vital companies find ways to differentiate themselves, learn and stay on top of things, and don’t be afraid to try new things and fail because when you fail, you learn.

And when it comes to defensive strategies, Richie states it’s important to hire help–even if they’re non-revenue generating positions. By hiring out the jobs you don’t excel at, you free yourself to do what you’re great at.

Listen Time:  28 min 48 sec

The best product doesn’t always win; it’s the product that resonates most with your target audience–that they can understand the best, that cuts through the clutter. Sometimes we need to be different and take a stand in your marketing and messaging in order to do that.

— Richie Burke
Founder and CEO | GoGeddit Marketing and Media (GGMM)

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