M3 Milwaukee Has Moved

Roughly 20 minutes away from M3’s previous Milwaukee location, M3’s new office at 1425 Discovery Parkway in Wauwatosa is closer to the heart of Milwaukee and much, much closer to the heart of M3. The new space is brighter, lighter and more contemporary, mirroring the recently built Madison and Wausau offices in concept and design and reflecting M3’s evolving corporate culture.

“We wanted to create an environment that was comfortable and welcomed our employees, customers and prospective customers,” says Nezih Hasanoglu, Jr., Vice President of Business Development at M3. According to Alicia Kiser, Human Resources Manager, M3 has accomplished that goal.  She is now proud to invite perspective employees in for interviews “The new office helps our ongoing recruitment efforts. Top talent can imagine themselves working in this space each day and are excited to come here.”

Some features of the new office include:

  • Open concept with natural light
  • Updated AV equipment, which is more accessible and easier to use
  • Sit-stand desks
  • Employee fitness room
  • More than double the workspace, including 8 conference rooms, 30 offices and 41 work stations
  • Alternate working spaces such as enclaves and a work café

All this benefits more than just the M3 staff, it’s a space where M3 can host clients and the community.  As Nezih puts it,  “The new facility provides a great opportunity for our employees to host various organizations and charities that they are involved with in the community.”

The design concept also encourages collaboration and productivity among the staff. Alicia particularly feels the benefits of this. She is free to collaborate with employees on projects in open spaces, increasing transparency and eliminating inferences that can sometimes accompany meetings held in HR offices.

As the mom of two young children, Alicia finds the onsite fitness space to be a huge advantage as well. “It’s so convenient for me to be able to grab a quick workout at the end of the day. Self-care can often be a casualty between busy work and home schedules. The workout room [in the new office] makes it easier find my balance.”


mke_touchdownspacemke_workspacesMKE_Fitness Room








About M3

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