Community Begins With You

At M3, we believe we are all accountable as caretakers of the world we live in. While we think sharing financial resources is important, it is simply not enough. The obligation is deeper than that. We all have a responsibility to leave things just a bit better than we find them, to think of each person we encounter as a friend and neighbor, to care – and to take action that shows we care.

M3’s annual United Way campaign is in full swing.  And, as those of you at M3 know, it’s a pretty big deal around here. Every year, a new group of M3 employees take on running the campaign. It’s always inspiring to see different people tackle the same task with a fresh perspective. The ingenuity and leadership skills that emerge from this group are impressive. And even though it’s a lot of extra work, they do it anyway; because that’s what we are wired to do – we serve. Why do we serve? We serve because we are grateful. We serve because we have empathy. We serve because we want the world to be better – and we’re willing to put skin in the game to make that happen.

I challenge every M3er reading this right now to get out and make a difference. Use your gifts, talents, and blessings to make our community stronger. If not as part of the United Way campaign, or any of the other volunteer opportunities at M3, then in whatever form it takes for you. Be part of something bigger than yourself. Community is part of our culture at M3 – and you represent both. Your efforts and your generosity make us proud.

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