Online for the Tech Revolution

From the time humans first began putting down roots, the way we live and work together has been evolving. And throughout history, you can pinpoint eras of major change – The Renaissance, The Age of Enlightenment, The Industrial Revolutions (first and second) – which set humanity on a different trajectory, while an undercurrent of globalization looped different world cultures onto a common thread into the future.

Today we’re experiencing another pivotal shift in how we live and conduct business. It’s called The Technological Revolution. Or rather, as Steve Case puts it, we are in the “The Third Wave [in which] the Internet integrates seamlessly and pervasively through every aspect of our lives.”

There’s a decent chance (upwards of 60%) that you are reading these words via a mobile device. And it’s likely that with the same device you’re holding, you’re able to do your banking, capture (and share) precious moments, listen to your favorite music, access news and information, play games, shop for anything, order a car to pick you up wherever you are, start conversations with friends and peer groups… the possibilities are literally endless. What was unimaginable 20, 15, even ten years ago is now commonplace – and as consumers, the unimaginable has become the expected. It must be easy, intelligent, and mobile. When we want something, we want it now and we want it without friction.

Technology, big data, and artificial intelligence are changing the shape of business and commerce, and they’re changing the worker experience. The challenge we face today, both as consumers and workers who serve consumers, is how to manage this new world. I won’t ask if you’re ready because that implies the change is coming. This isn’t an event with a clean line between then and now. It’s a progression, and we’re right in the middle of it. The change is happening now, even if it feels imperceptible.

There are only two options when it comes to the current of change: Plug in and leverage this new environment to manage the evolving needs of your clients, or wait and see how your business and/or your career will be affected. M3 is plugging in. By pairing our expertise with remarkable new tools, we’re discovering new ways to improve our customers’ experience. And while we continue to actively participate in the Tech Revolution, we will remain flexible enough to change and grow. We’re powering up – and staying charged.

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