S1-Ep3: DEI: Empowering Diversity, Fostering Belonging in Senior Living & Social Services

Senior Living & Social Services

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 3: Candid Care Podcast

In this episode of the Candid Care Podcast, Tenecia Waddell-Pyle, the esteemed Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) at MyPath, joins hosts Sara Kekula and Marleah Keuler Grahek for an insightful conversation on DEI in the workplace.

Tenecia shares insights and offers practical advice on how organizations can take the first steps towards implementing DEI initiatives. Tune in to uncover the key aspects of building a workplace that values diversity, ensures equity, and promotes a culture of inclusivity.

Please Note: This podcast and the recommendations throughout are not intended as legal advice and should not be used as or relied upon as legal advice. This podcast is for general informational purposes only.

About Candid Care

Each episode of The Candid Care Podcast promises to challenge your current thinking about the long term care industry, and introduce new concepts to improve your organization and advance the field. From executive risk to key strategies that combat the labor shortage, we’ll approach each topic from multiple angles and invite industry leaders and innovators to join in the conversation.

This podcast goes beyond insurance and gets to the heart – when we are open to exploring new ideas, we have an opportunity to improve the care experience for all.

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