S1-Ep6: 10th Annual Healthcare Defense Symposium Recap: Senior Living & Social Services

Senior Living & Social Services

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 6: Candid Care Podcast

In this episode of the Candid Care podcast, we share exclusive insights from M3 Insurance’s recent Healthcare Defense Symposium. This symposium brought together healthcare providers, attorneys, and insurance carriers, all with a shared mission to exchange experiences and knowledge aimed at strengthening defense strategies for senior living and social services providers.

Our M3 hosts are joined by special guests Crystal Miller from Frontida Assisted Living and Emily Koch from Illuminus as they collectively share a recap and key themes from the day. These include the current landscape of liability claims within the senior living and social services space, provider’s perspective on claims, the latest trends in litigation as presented by defense attorneys, and the role of ESG.

Please Note: This podcast and the recommendations throughout are not intended as legal advice and should not be used as or relied upon as legal advice. This podcast is for general informational purposes only.

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