Setting Up a Safe Workspace When Working from Home

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Employers whose teams have transitioned to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic have faced many challenges. From cybersecurity threats to health and wellness, employers have had to adapt quickly to ensure their employees are staying healthy and engaged – even when they aren’t in the office. One aspect of employee health that may have been overlooked during the transition is physical health, specifically that which is affected by an employee’s workspace.

As an employer, you likely have set up your office work stations to be ergonomically aligned, however, that conversation must now extend to your employee’s home workspace. Below, you’ll find quick tips from M3’s risk management team for setting up a safe workspace, as well as checklists and resources that you can provide to your employees as they evaluate their work stations.

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Lesser Known Work From Home Risks Checklist


Sitting Workstation:

  • Back supported by chair
  • Feet flat on floor or footrest
  • Thighs parallel to floor
  • Shoulders hang naturally
  • Elbows close to body
  • Monitor height adjusted to slightly below eye-level
  • Monitor / keyboard / chair aligned
  • Clean screen
  • Adequate lighting

Standing Workstation

  • Spine in neutral position
  • Anti-fatigue mat
  • Shoulders relaxed, not raised
  • Elbows close to body
  • Monitor height adjusted to slightly below eye-level.
  • Clean screen
  • Adequate lighting


Employers would be well served to provide materials to their employees that can assist them in evaluating their home work stations for ergonomic and physical safety.

If you have questions or concerns about ergonomics or employee safety while working from home, please contact your M3 Account Team.

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