Keeping Your Operating System Updated and Protected Against Cyber Attacks

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If you have one or more closed-sourced software programmes installed on your computer, it’s likely that from time to time, you’ve seen a software update reminder pop up. It’s also likely that this has happened while you were in the middle of something important… While it can be very tempting to skip these updates, regularly updating the software on your computer is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your company against cyber-threats. The fact is software updates are a vital part of your system’s security. If you fail to keep your computers updated, your systems become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

What are Software Updates?

Software updates are essential to keep your computer, tablet, or mobile device running smoothly and efficiently. After a software company releases a software product for purchase, the developers continue to better the product by improving it, fixing problems, and correcting any security issues discovered. The most common software updates involve fixing any software bugs, adding or enhancing features, improving compatibility, and fixing security issues. Be sure to check software updates on all your devices for improved performance and increased security.

How Software Updates Can Help Protect You:

Having outdated software on your computer can cause vulnerabilities and exposures in your operating system, which allows cyber criminals to gain access to a person’s computer and all their valuable information. Threat actors see these vulnerabilities as open doors to your system, giving them the opportunity to hack in and plant malware. Malware is a blanket term for viruses, trojans, and other destructive computer programs that bad actors can use to infect your system to gain access to sensitive information. Keeping your software up to date is a straightforward way to decrease your vulnerability and lessen your chances for threat actors to gain access to your system.

Now is the time to review software updates on all your devices. It is important to remember that software updates not only improve performance and provide updated features, but they also fix security issues and prevent cyber-attacks.

Before you exit out of the next software update pop up window, remember that keeping your software updated is one of the easiest ways to decrease your vulnerability to cyber-attacks. If threat actors see vulnerabilities in your systems, this can lead to hacking and planting malware that can expose your personal and sensitive information.

Reach out to your M3 account executive to discuss how you can encourage your employees to regularly check for software updates to shore up your cybersecurity efforts.

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