Lists. We’ve all got ‘em. We live by them. Whatever form they take – physical, virtual, or mental – you can’t deny them. Each day, you go about checking things off.  It’s methodical, it’s productive, it’s important – and you feel accomplished when the check marks are there.

We’re all very busy, being busy. But it won’t fill you up.

Connection. What will fill you up is connection to those in your life – your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends. That can’t be put on any list. That comes when you put the list away – and put the phone down, and leave the email alone for a bit, and pay attention. And here’s the really tricky part – not only do you have to put your list away, they have to put their lists away.

I, like many of you, recently had a prime opportunity (through Spring Break) to put my list down. And my family put their lists down. We became less “productive.” We had a chance to just be together and enjoy each other’s company… and it filled me up.  I found myself thinking, “How do we recreate this when we get home?” Maybe in smaller doses, but more often.

I really enjoy the work I do. I am passionate about my professional purpose. Counter-weighing that with family and friends brings balance and the reminder that, while time is a precious and valuable commodity, they are worth the investment.

Lists are easy – connection is hard. But when connection happens, it’s SO worth it.
So, I challenge you to get this on your list:

CheckMark_PNG Put the list away.

Do the hard stuff. Be present. Be purposeful. Be patient. Let it happen.

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