Thomson Featured in InsurSec Podcast: Cyber Liability

Cyber, Property & Casualty, Risk

Matthew Thomson joins the InsurSec Podcast to discuss bridging the gap between cybersecurity and insurance. With over 15 years of experience spanning the Air Force, offensive security, and leading cyber programs, Thomson brings invaluable perspective to managing cyber risk.

In this episode, Thomson explains his transition to insurance, driven by the desire to continue serving organizations against cyber threats. They explore the advantages of red teaming, educating clients on cyber exposures, trends like passwordless authentication, and implications of supply chain vulnerabilities.

He shares advice for insurance brokers on understanding their role as risk advisors and how new agents can get up to speed on cyber insurance. They also discuss the many nuances of the cyber insurance landscape.

With rare insight from both worlds, Thomson examines how cybersecurity experience enhances cyber insurance conversations and risk management guidance.

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