Thomson Featured in Milwaukee Business Journal Table of Experts: ChatGPT, Ransomware Services Up the Ante

Cyber, Property & Casualty

New cybersecurity threats seem to emerge every day as cybercriminals probe for ways to circumvent firewalls and trick people into giving away sensitive information or do things that put their personal lives or their employers at risk. This is especially true for economically disadvantaged people who are coming into the workforce but have little awareness of the internet and cybersecurity.

Keeping informed about emerging threats and the strategies to thwart them is critical. In order to get an idea of the current cybersecurity landscape, the Milwaukee Business Journal recently assembled a panel of experts to explore what companies – large and small – need to know about today’s changing threats.

“The first mistake is thinking that you don’t have anything cybercriminals would want. You might be small, but cybercriminals might use your relationship with a large target to gain access to them. The other mistake is not keeping up with security awareness. A lot of organizations alert their employees to be on the lookout for misspellings or bad punctuation in emails, but criminals are creating very realistic looking emails. ChatGPT is going to amplify that.”

-Matthew Thomson, M3


  • Matthew Thomson, Director of Cyber Liability at M3
  • David Berka, Techquity and Resource Equity Project Manager at United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
  • Thomas Kaczmarek, Adjunct Associate Professor & Director at Marquette University
  • Zach Willenbrink, Attorney at Godfrey & Kahn


  • Kathy Henrich, CEO of MKE Tech Hub Coalition

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