Treat Your Client Like Your Best Prospect

Sales, fundamentally, is about relationships. The rules for keeping client relationships strong, healthy, and vibrant don’t differ much from those for the personal relationships in our lives…

  • Bring Value. Know thyself. Understand that you have something valuable to bring to the table – then bring it. Friends, spouses, and yup, clients too – require, and deserve, something from you. Client relationships are a privilege, not an entitlement. And if you don’t deliver, you risk losing them.
  • Show Them They’re Special. Balance your workload. Proactively manage the service you provide to each client. No one wants to feel like a runner-up for your time and attention.
  • Keep It Fresh. Clients deserve the fire you displayed when you first approached them. Watch out for their interests and bring new solutions as if you are trying to get them to work with you for the first time. Because chances are pretty good someone else is nearby doing just that.

Also understand that nothing and no one remains the same over time. The client you signed with years ago is not the same client you serve today. They have evolved – or, at the very least, the marketplace and their place in it has shifted – evolve with them or risk extinction.

It has to be intentional. Relationships – both personal and professional – are what connect us to our world. As with anything worthwhile, they require ongoing effort and attention. In the end, you get what you give. Get it? Give it.

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