Unlocking Abundance

What does it mean to have enough? To do enough? To be enough?  Enough doesn’t mean you’re settling. It means you have faith. Faith that you are contributing to something larger than yourself. Faith that the next opportunity exists. Faith that you are creating the next opportunity through your service. Faith that giving it away today doesn’t mean you will have to do without tomorrow – it will come back.

Your thoughts become your reality – do your thoughts come from a mindset of scarcity or one of abundance?

It’s no coincidence that “scarcity” and “scared” are so similar. Scarcity is bred from fear. When people fear that they are not enough they close into themselves and their gifts are hidden from the world. It is this mindset that holds people back and pushes them down – and the whole world suffers a bit for it.  Gifts weren’t meant to be kept, they were meant to be given.  And there is not a single person alive who can live vibrantly within the compass of their gifts alone.

On the flip side, abundance is where it’s at. Abundance exists when people believe their gifts have real value and they want to share them. In short, they give it away. Not because of what they will receive – be it money, recognition, a trade of equal-or-greater value – but because they buy into the promise of what is possible and they want to get in on it. Believing in possibility abolishes scarcity.  People who come from a mindset of abundance reach out, reach within, and create solutions where once there were problems.

Do you believe your enough is enough?


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