S1-Ep 5: Navigating Family Dynamics and Calibrating Risk (w/ Joe Hamilton of Vortex Optics)

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Joe Hamilton is the Chief Executive Officer at Vortex Optics, a manufacturer of optical equipment for hunting, wildlife watching, outdoor recreation, shooting sports, and law enforcement. Vortex® is a family-owned and operated business that is determined to change how business is done by putting customers at the center of everything they do.

In this episode, part one of two, Joe covers the origin story of Vortex®, advice for those who work for a family business, and the calculated risks a business should take to stay relevant.

Joe provided so much powerful insight about building a successful business around strong values and great advice about navigating said business that we split it into two parts. (Listen to part two.)

Listen Time:  30 min 28 sec

If it’s not a big risk – or a risk that’s not irreversible – go do it. Try it! You’ll get an insight, and it’s always better to gain insight that’s been tested in the market.

— Joe Hamilton
CEO | Vortex Optics

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