Medicare Beneficiaries – Are You Prepared for Open Enrollment?

Medicare’s Open Enrollment period is from October 15th to December 7th, 2023. Changes you choose to make to your plan selection during this time will go into effect on January 1st, 2024. Learn more about Medicare Open Enrollment in this informational video below.

What you can do during Open Enrollment:

  • Switch from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan or vice versa
  • Switch from one Medicare Advantage Plan to another
  • Enroll in Medicare Part D prescription drug plan
  • Switch from one Medicare Part D prescription drug plan to another
  • Drop your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan completely

What you can’t do during Open Enrollment:

  • You can’t use the open enrollment period to enroll in Part A and/or Part B for the first time

During Medicare Open Enrollment, reach out to M3 Elevate’s Medicare team to walk through how to make changes to your current coverage – or compare your current coverage with new options to determine the best fit for your needs. Lean on our experience and the individual attention we provide.

Please Note:
We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently we represent 15 organizations which offer 76 products in your area. Please contact, 1–800–MEDICARE, or your local state health insurance program to get information on all of your options.

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