You Can Be a More Successful Producer at M3: Reason #3

War For Talent

So you’re in sales. You’ve basically reached your maximum earning potential at your current place of employment and have received recognition as one of the top sales guys/gals year after year. You were born to sell, but aren’t sure where to take your career next.

There are millions of companies looking for great sales people. But you’re concerned that if you take a chance on making a career change, you’ll end up in the same spot with a new logo on your shirt. Sound familiar? We get it, and we want to help.

The tough part is getting you to listen to what we have to say. If at this point you’re probably thinking that you would try just about any industry OTHER than insurance… just bear with me! Before you dismiss the industry as a whole, be sure you have all the information. There are top three reasons you can be a more successful producer at M3— here’s the third:

3.  Culture

a. Privately Held: When we talk to sales people from smaller organizations about joining M3, they think we’re big and corporate (for the record we have about 230 employees). When we recruit producers from larger organizations, they think we are too small to have the resources they need to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations (we were ranked 66th largest broker in the country). The fun part is getting in front of them and telling them what M3 is really like. As the largest privately held independent commercial insurance agent and broker in the state of Wisconsin, we feel like we offer a happy medium. Small enough that we still care about each employee as if they are a real person rather than employee #38572908 yet large enough that we still invest in our people and resources, we feel like we have the right mix to set up our sales staff for success with their clients. Check out our website to learn more about how we would support you.

b. Opportunity for Partnership: Because we are privately held, we interact with our shareholders who make decisions about our company daily. M3 has 30 shareholders, all employees of the organization. As a producer at M3, when you reach a book of business of a certain size and you exhibit the level leadership and professionalism we look for, you too could become a partner.

c. Great Work Environment: I’m sure you’ve heard the spiel, but words and phrases like “work hard, play hard”, “mobile workplace”, “flexibility”, “dress for your day”, “fun”, “professional” all help describe our culture and work environment. We have been working hard over the last few years not just to keep up, but to stay ahead of our industry peers in these areas and foster an environment for our employees so that they are excited to come to work each day.

If these, paired with reason #1 and reason #2 why you’d be a more successful sale producer at M3, aren’t compelling enough reasons for you to give us a call, I don’t know what else to tell you.

If this has you interested, check out the opportunities posted on the careers page of our website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for there, please don’t let that stop you. Submit your name and resume to our talent pool portal- we will give you a call when something opens up.

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